Steam Lengthway Stretching Machine

Product Information

Product Details

Product Information

Product name:

Steam stretching machine

Steam heater box measurement:

L1650, W2100, H2000

Main motor:

7.5KW 380V 1400 r/min

Stretching adjustment:

Variable transmission P3; frequency transformator 7.5KW

Main net roller:

Φ290×1800 4pcs bearing FL212

Net presser roller:

Φ175×1800 8pcs

Transition roller:

Φ133×1800 4pcs

Net sending roller:

Φ108×1800 3pcs

Inner setting roller(stainless):

Φ108×1800 11pcs  bearing FL210

Net take-out roller:

Φ175×1800 1pcs

Net take-out presser roller:

Φ150×1800 1pcs

Net sending transition roller:


Heating temperature:


Setting speed:


Applicable net material:

Nylon mono, HDPE

Most suitable monofilament:

0.25mm and below

Stretching power:

Max 2000kg


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