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Analysis of the pan head of fishing nets

Jun 01, 2017

The pan head of the fishing net machine is fixed with two discs at each end of the coil, which is characterized in that the two platters and the two ends are respectively provided with a fixed thread, the threaded ends of the coil are threaded into the two platters; the outside diameter of the coil ends is less than the outer diameter of the middle of the coil, the two platters have connection segments respectively, and the outer diameter of the connecting section is the same as the middle diameter of the coil tube.

The two disc and coils are connected by screw threads, which can improve the bonding strength and the joint disc coil, and the coil is fixed so that the disc is more reliable, and can ensure the concentricity of the disc and two coil, improve net machine pan head and quality of life, because the two disc is respectively connected with the connecting section, section to extend the length of the thread, the connection strength is enhanced and the disc coil connection.