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Basic knowledge of weaving machine

Jun 01, 2017

Weaving network machine also known as weaving machine, wire mesh weaving machine. can achieve a variety of material wire or plastic wire, such as PVC wire from wire to net process.

There are many kinds of weaving machines, can be divided into shuttle weaving machine, no shuttle weaving machine, crimped weaving net machine (crimped wire mesh machine), hook-and-Flower Network weaving machine (hook-flower Network/Diamond Network machine), coal mine support network weaving machine (coal mine support Network).

Shuttle Weaving machine for the two-pole shuttle weft, woven wire mesh for the wrapping, that is, weft silk overall is a silk, can be woven 200 silk below the flat net, the product is wrapped.

Shuttle-free weaving machine for the shuttle-free sword, weft yarn woven, divided into hot edge, folding edge two kinds, models can be divided into arches, hanging comprehensive two, double four fully woven, one card weft, two times Kari.

Crimped weaving machine is designed for weaving large diameter.

Chain net weaving machine is to twist the wire after becoming spiral and then crochet through the net weaving net.

Coal mine support network weaving machine for the coal mine support false, weaving large wire diameter large network Kong network.