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How to make fishing nets longer life

Jun 01, 2017

As a commonly used industrial products, fishing nets need to have a certain maintenance and maintenance matters so as to prolong the service life of the equipment. In peacetime fishing nets maintenance needs to pay attention to the following matters:
1. In order to maintain the hot melt glue machine before the work, must completely cut off the glue machine power supply, to prevent the occurrence of electric shock;
2. Only qualified personnel can carry on the maintenance of the hot melt glue machine;
3. When the maintenance has the electric heating part, must wear the safety gloves, the goggles and the long sleeve clothing, avoids burns;
4. When loosening or installing the pressure joint, it must be determined that the operating pressure of the hot melt glue machine has been reduced to zero value.
5. When cleaning hot melt rubber barrels, can not use flame or sharp tools to avoid scratching the inner surface of the plastic bucket;
6. If there is leakage, leakage of plastic, absolutely can not continue to operate the use of hot melt glue machine.
Basically if the maintenance can do the above points, the machine life can be increased by at least 20% of the time.