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The structure and principle of warp knitting machine

Jun 01, 2017

The main winding parts of warp knitting machine are knitting needles, yarn-guide needles, sinker and platen. The knitting needles are mounted on the needle bed, along with the needle Bed movement, the guide gauze needle is installed on the strip board to compose the comb bar, the warp yarn passes through the guide gauze Needle's hole, along with the comb bar movement and the cushion on the needle, through weaves the needle, the settlement piece and so on into the circle machine's mutually coordinated movement and weaves the

The warp knitting machine mainly consists of knitting mechanism, comb-bar transverse moving mechanism, delivery mechanism, pulling take-up mechanism and transmission mechanism, the knitting mechanism comprises a needle bed, a comb bar, a settlement bed and a platen, which are generally driven by a cam or eccentric connecting rod, sent by a mechanism, and the warp on the shaft is returned to the knitting area, which has negative and positive types.

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