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Traditional production nets

Jun 01, 2017

Fishing nets Knot Method: Knotting method is a traditional production of fishing nets, the net is woven through the warp and the weft in the shuttle, woven knots are generally four times times the diameter of the net rope, to highlight the surface of the fishing net, weaving this breed network is called netting.

Twist method: Twist method is by two groups of yarn through the machine at the same time, in the connection between the place when weaving into the heart of the net, this method produced by the breeding network is called stranded without netting.

Because the yarn cannot bend at the knots of the net, net clothing is also very neat, so reduce the use of the culture nets in the friction, but the efficiency of the machine is a little low, the production of the breeding network of the horizontal mesh, so this method of production is only suitable for weaving mesh larger mesh.