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Weaving knowledge of fishing nets

Jun 01, 2017

When weaving the left thumb and forefinger pinch the board, along the right hand take the shuttle to the shuttle on the inside of the foot plate near the coil arc top part, the left thumb homeopathy will be the ruler and shuttle line to hold, the left Pinkie hook the right index finger on the spindle, from the left hand ring finger and the little finger between the shuttle line through the outer side of the shuttle line and around the shuttle line to rotate the shuttle line on the index finger and the spindle point on the right hand on the picky eaters on the point of spread and pointed to form an angle with a spindle through any of the windings on the coil.

Then pinch the shuttle tip with your forefinger so that the shuttle crosses the turn of the right hand and picks the shuttle down. With the left thumb and forefinger on the top of the ruler to the turn line, squeeze the shuttle line and the foot plate to the left finger of the shuttle line and pull down the right hand, so that the first knot will be repeated until all of the turns are finished.