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Custom Configuration For Fishing Nets

Jun 01, 2017

Fishing nets, as the name implies specializing in the production of nets for fishing products, do not know many forest master use of the bird nets, playground tennis nets, soccer nets, many are woven out of nets. So the range of the radiation of the nets is really wide.

There are many types of fishing nets on the market, there is a series, N series, M series, L Series, H series and Y series, X series and so on, so many different models and functions of the weaving machine, the service object is also multifarious, take the L-series Weaving machine speaking, he is characterized by fast speed, high efficiency, the line plate after the big, the latitude capacity.

There are many kinds of configurations, of course, this is based on the customer's requirements to configure. Mesh Edge insertion device, stretching length of 450mm large mesh device, safety hood and electric netting devices, and so on are customer-defined choice of configuration, so customers in the choice of configuration, the selectivity is relatively large.

Whether it is a fishing net machine or weaving machine, are human tools, are based on different regions of the customer, according to the geographical environment, work climate and other conditions effectively targeted production. So as long as you provide your request, we as a professional manufacturer of fishing nets, will certainly be able to produce your satisfied fishing nets machine.