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Effect Of Rainy Season On Fishing Net Industry

Jun 01, 2017

The effects of rainy season on fishing nets, in the face of the more complex weather situation, flood control and drought relief headquarters pointed out that all levels of prevention, meteorology, hydrology, important water conservancy management units and related departments, must master the rainfall, hydrological and disaster, strengthen flood analysis, timely start the plan to dispose of flood disaster.

According to analysis, during the plum flood this year mainly to the process of rainfall, local areas may be large rainfall intensity, very easy to cause flash floods and geological disasters, some places may appear regional flooding.

Therefore, the flood control and drought relief command of Zhejiang province requires all localities to strengthen the prevention of mountain torrents and geological disasters. In particular, to do a good flood warning and personnel transfer work, Eddy current brake to ensure the safety of personnel, the occurrence of strong rainfall and reservoir high water level operation, the implementation of the reservoir safety supervision of responsible persons and inspection administrators 24-hour resident inspection system, strict implementation of the disease risk reservoir and the construction of the reservoir safety.