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Fishing Nets Are Particularly Popular In Coastal Cities

Jun 01, 2017

Because of the geographical environment reason, our country extremely partial coastal city inhabitant basically is the Mishing, very big reason is the tool is convenient, the investment is smaller, the income is also relatively quick, many local residents only rely on several loom, the fishing net machine can eat all the fisherman market.

The traditional production of fishing nets is manual, time-consuming, low production value, of course, the cost will be much higher, the addition of fishing nets, making the processing speed of fishing nets dozens of times times faster growth. Gradually the emergence of fishing nets, has replaced a lot of manual production status and market.

The addition of fishing nets, led to the growth of other sideline, so that the work of the coastal cities to enrich the types of people, so that their life gradually towards a well-off, so each tool will be the emergence of high efficiency to improve the quality of life, fishing nets why in coastal cities are welcomed, but also the direction of development.