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How To Maintain Fishing Nets Under Typhoon System

Jun 01, 2017

The typhoon brought great influence to the mariculture industry, many cages were broken, the fish were scraped, some fled, the management room was damaged and the farmers lost serious losses. In order to restore the production of cage culture as soon as possible and to prevent the occurrence of fish disease in cage culture after the disaster, some suggestions were put forward: 

1. To restore the cage, management room and other breeding facilities as soon as possible. Replace the broken cages in time, repair them, repair them, reinforce the damaged fishing rows, reinforce or update some of the bottom piles and aging planks.

2. Timely clean-up of affected cages. The pollutant and dead fish in the bottom of the cage should be fished out in time, and the quantity and weight of the dead fish should be registered in the net cage so that the seed can be later planted.

3. The treatment of the rubbing, piled and injured fish. The injured fish will be concentrated in a cage or large bucket, with a dose of oxytetracycline 25g M3, dipped for about 30 minutes, followed by a dose of 5-7-5G fish body weight mixed with bait, 1 times a day for 5-7 consecutive days.

4. Feeding high quality bait or fresh bait. In the bait appropriately add vitamin C, dosage for daily 0.5-1g bait, improve fish body disease resistance.

5. In the typhoon disaster related to the water environment and fish disease, dead fish and other issues, to the relevant departments to consult as soon as possible, inviting fish disease, environmental protection experts on-site guidance to reduce production losses.