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The Function Of Lubricating Oil In Fishing Nets

Jun 01, 2017

1. Lubrication grinding: Between the piston and the cylinder, between the spindle and the bearing is a fast relative sliding, to prevent parts too fast wear, you need to create oil film between the two sliding surface. The oil film with enough thickness separates the surface of the relative sliding parts, thus reaching the target of reducing wear.

2. Cooling and Cooling: Oil can be brought back to the fuel tank and then distributed to the air to help the tank cooling initiator.

3. Clean: Good oil can be the initiator parts of the carbide, sludge, wear metal particles through the circulation of the oil tank, through the flow of lubricating oil, washing the parts face produced dirt.

4. Seal leakproof: The oil can form a sealing ring between the piston rings and the pistons, reduce the leakage of gas and prevent the external contaminants from entering.

5. Anti-rust corrosion: Lubricating oil can absorb adsorption on the surface of the parts to prevent water, air, acidic substances and harmful gases and parts contact.

6. Damping buffer: When the pressure of the initiator cylinder is rising sharply, the load on the piston, piston crumbs, connecting rod and crankshaft bearing is very large, which is lubricated by the transmission of the bearing, and the impact load is buffered.