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The Importance Of On-time Examination Of Fishing Nets

Jun 01, 2017

Usually in the process of using fishing nets, we need to take into account the life of fishing nets, to let fishing nets have a good production effect, we need to have a certain maintenance of fishing nets, so we need to understand the importance of fishing nets maintenance work.

Many in the use of fishing nets do not do a good job of fishing nets, the best cause of the fishing nets leakage of oil, the beginning may be just a little problem caused by the leakage of oil, but can eventually lead to damage to the culprit nets.

There is a hydraulic shearing machine fishing nets for a long time will also appear rusty situation, we may feel that rust should have nothing to do, but this is not the same with other machines, fishing nets rust is can lead to the fishing nets can not be a good normal operation, so we should promptly clean up the dirt nets machine, cleaning fishing nets and other work, if on time maintenance, can improve the efficiency of fishing nets, avoid causing serious accidents.